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F*ck Weddings Podcast

Oct 22, 2019

Brittany & Allie know next to nothing about suiting! Eric Acuña has been working with Friar Tux for 19 years and co-hosts the episode covering All Things SUITS. 

05:00 Suit vs Tux
08:00 Top trending coat colors
09:45 Ladies in suits
13:00 Rent vs Buy
15:20 Anatomy of a suit/tuxedo
19:55 How your suit can do...

Oct 8, 2019

Britt and Allie get day drunk and talk all things Wedding Bar. Bar options, what to serve, who to hire, and more.
05:02 Drunk wedding guest horror story (don't be this person!)
07:10 Self serve bar tips
10:05 Timeline tips
15:30 Ice ice baby
22:30 Booze budgets
29:00 What about beer and wine only?