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F*ck Weddings Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

Britt and Allie discuss the decision that kicks off all the other decisions. Includes an interview with Claudia Casanova of One Darling Day.

02:36 The case for a destination wedding
04:00 All-inclusive // Semi-inclusive (most) // DIY wedding venues
10:45 Venue coordinator is not your wedding coordinator
12:30 Trends and Traditions: Elopements / Adventure Elopements
13:55 Allie and Britt don’t *always* agree, here’s proof!
17:18 Interview with Claudia Casanova of One Darling Day
22:25 Don’t judge a venue by its website
25:30 Questions to ask your venue
27:00 Does your venue have a kitchen? (Really, you need to check!)
37:45 MANTRA: Are you willing to give up the control to have the experience

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