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F*ck Weddings Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

Michelle Edgement of Michelle Edgemont Event & Floral Design based in Brooklyn cohosts this episode and drops countless gems gleaned from years of experience. Whether you are hiring a designer or going the DIY route, you *need* to give this episode a listen.

1:30 Wth is an event designer? Kinda like an interior designer…
4:30 we walk through the Wedding Design process
8:45 Pinterest board LIMITS
9:45 Fun color-palette chat
11:10 Visual bang-for-your-buck *MUST LISTEN*
13:45 Why are florals so expensive?
18:30 To repurpose or not to repurpose ceremony florals for your reception (and how to do it, if you do)
21:30 Lighting design (what is it, and why you should seriously consider it)
24:45 Trends and Traditions: Michelle gives a little insight on why weddings trends take so long to cycle
26:00 Greenery weddings aren’t the savings you might think
26:50 Do what you like.

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