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F*ck Weddings Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

The big “B” word. Whether your budget is $2,000 or $200,000, you still have one. We dive into strategies to stay within any budget. Caroline Snyder of Verdi Advising is our guest, dropping some financial knowledge and saving hacks.

2:00 We chat about wedding culture/budgets, and who’s paying for this sh*t.
3:00 Be realistic about the strings attached to wedding money gifts.
4:30 If you do nothing else, listen to this HERE
5:30 Prioritizing - how to do it. 
7:00 Book big-ticket items FIRST.
9:30 Just a little FYI about what ends up in the trash after your wedding day is done.
12:20 A whole tangent re: guestbooks. Allie and Brittany agree to disagree.
17:30 Things get heated chatting about “cutesy shit”
20:00 How to mold any element into your budget
21:00 Trends and Traditions -- Registering for CA$H MONEY$
23:00 Don’t expect wedding gifts *gasp*
24:30 Britt’s really tacky
25:00 Interview with Caroline Snyder of Verdi Advising
27:30 What it looks like to pay off your wedding for 3, 5, 7 years
35:00 How to ask for family money
39:00 Real strategies to save for this large “purchase”
42:30 A little couples therapy, here

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